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At AQL, we design and manufacture Premier Functional Test Fixtures.

 Our expertise in combining the mechanical motion with spring probes results in solutions to the interfacing challenges of industries with Functional Test fixtures, Boundary Scan, JTAG. We offer wide ranging mechanical solutions for PCB assembly, medical cables, Reflash, pacemakers, computers, telecommunications, security, component manufacturing, research and institutes of higher learning.



AQL uses a wide variety of connection technologies to accomplish reliable, cost effective and precision test solutions. Our test interface technologies include elastomer, spring probes, compliant probes, particle interconnect and palladium dendrites incorporated into mechanical apparatus ranging from hinged manual compression lids to computer controlled pneumatic movements.


As a result, our approach is not "product line" oriented. We design each test interconnect application with your needs first, whether they be cost, signal integrity, life cycles, or turn time.



Consideration must be also be given to the base material used to hold the interconnect solution. Our unique machining process and equipment allows AQL to drill crystalline, imidized, amorphous, static dissipated or epoxy plastics at aspect ratio of 15:1.


Selecting the correct material to fit your electrical requirements, CI'E, temperature or mechanical needs will be done with your engineering team. Our experience, and relationship with industry leaders in advanced engineered plastics ensures the correct, state of the art material in your interconnect.

We currently hold 6 patents on unique concepts used in creating Test Fixtures and Contacting BGA and MLF.


AQL can handle all or part of your interconnect project and functional test fixtures. Besides the mechanical design, we can do the PCB layout, sub-contract board production, component assembling and complete final assembly. 

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Other interconnect projects include:

bulletProject test stands for PCMCIA cards
bullet50 ohm test blocks
bulletCoaxial interface blocks to PCBs
bulletBoard to board interconnect
bulletTest sockets for defibrillators
bulletTest sockets for demodulators
Functional test fixtures
Test Boxes: Mechanical test solution to provide confirmation of the assemble product of specific points in the assembly process. Test boxes provide both mechanical and electrical signals to the partial assembled printer mechanism. Functional test fixtures2

We are excited to be of service to you and your company. Please contact Douglas R. Kocher at (503) 682-3193 with technical questions.

arrow10Please contact us to see how we can solve your mechanical fixturing and functional test needs.



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