Man balances chainsaw on his forehead for 31 minutes, 25 seconds

An Idaho man reclaimed a Guinness World Records title by balancing a chainsaw on his forehead for 31 minutes and 25 seconds.

David Rush, who has broken nearly 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, originally broke the record for longest duration balancing a chainsaw on the forehead in 2017, when he balanced the tool for 5 minutes and 1 second.

Rush said he was so fond of the record that he used an image of it for the cover of his book, Breaking Records: 21 Lessons from 21 World Record Attempts.

The serial record-breaker said he decided to reclaim the title after learning someone had bested his time with a 6-minute, 48-second attempt.

Rush said he is hoping his new time, 31 minutes and 25 seconds, will be enough to keep the record in his name.

“I’m hoping I can keep this one for a while again since it holds a special place for me,” he said.