Ravens QB coach: Lamar Jackson is a master at ignoring outside distractions

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is heading into the final year of his contract, and unless he signs a long-term extension, there will be constant questions about whether he’ll leave Baltimore. But Jackson’s position coach says that won’t distract him from the task at hand.

Baltimore quarterbacks coach James Urban said Jackson always keeps his focus solely on his job, and never allows anything to prevent him from getting to work.

“No, we’ve always had this mentality when we come to this building, when you walk through the doors of The Castle here in this beautiful facility, we go to work. When we walk out onto the field, it’s time to work. We don’t worry about the outside distractions. He is a master of that. He is tremendously good at focusing on the task at hand. When we’re in meetings, that’s the task. Or when we’re on the field, that’s the task,” Urban said.

Jackson doesn’t have an agent, and one of the good things about having an agent is that it allows a player to put his own focus solely on football while letting his agent take care of contract negotiations. Unless Jackson hires an agent, any contract talks with the Ravens will necessarily take his own time and energy. Even if his quarterbacks coach is confident that he can prevent it from becoming a distraction.